Why Does Everyone Keep Saying What Donald Trump Jr. Did Was Wrong?
Philippe Lemoine

Really? Semantics is how you choose to defend Trump’s unethical behavior and lack of moral compass, which are the least of our worries? Fine…forget collusion. simply focus on money laundering via campaign donations (forget the the 4+ decades of Trump laundering money via real estate deals for many Russian oligarchs, for now, although I’m sure Mueller won’t). Let’s focus on conspiracy, which you did ever so fleetingly, however, I confess to skimming parts of your wordy, repetitive denial of collusion, so I may have missed something more specific, such as sanctions, Rosneft, looking the other way as Putin takes over other countries or commits crimes against his people, etc.

Nor do you mention the overwhelming number of meetings and calls with Russians by multiple staff members and Russian friends and acquaintances of Trump, all of which he oddly denies knowing despite the MANY pictures of him yucking it up or court depositions regarding his business dealings with them. Which also begs the question, why does Trump ONLY appear to be enjoying himself with Russians and other dictators or authoritarian leaders?

You also seem to ignore the facts that several states election rolls were hacked, if not the actual voting machines, and Bannon and Kushner’s roles in data collection and Cambridge Analytica, which is completely separate from the Republicans ongoing efforts to suppress the vote via gerrymandering, Crosscheck, etc., and how their information in Russia’s hands would affect where propaganda was targeted or what voting districts could have been manipulated (uh oh…that would be collusion, wouldn’t it?).

P.S. if Clinton had been given info by France about murder, she would have turned it over to CIA, etc., NOT the public.

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