Modern. Republican. Woman.
Lindsey Goeders

You softened the sharp edges of the republicans but totally glossed over the realities of a majority of Americans who would like the same opportunities a nice white, middle class woman like you takes as her birth right. Are you aware of the realities of life in big cities-no grocery stores close by for quality food, affordable rent, quality schools that are NOT crumbling because resources are allocated to the suburbs, the lack of jobs available, lack of transportation or affordable child care. It’s nice that you are not as extreme as Sarah Palin or kellyanne Conway but it’s also pretty clear you have trouble seeing beyond the surface of republican tropes. You’re young, well educated and state you’d like to have discussions to improve society. Good on you. You’ve shared your perspective; now, go have discussions with refugees, people of color, people of different religions and different educational backgrounds. You cant wait for them to come to you, you need to reach out to them. Go hear other perspectives, learn from and appreciate the strength and struggles of people who didn’t have the advantages you grew up with. Good luck

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