Burton Cummings

Great story! I could absolutely feel your pain. I to had a first week horror story, LOL!

Mine happened at Machray School on Mountain Ave. imagine a very small, blonde girl with light skin & big blue eyes, who was quiet & not an extrovert, only child. Now picture being told how nice it was going to be by my mom on the way there & how much fun I was going to have going to kindergarten in a pretty dress. Not bloody likely I thought after mom left. I was standing frozen looking in horror at the yard apes terrorizing the room & going wild. Definitely not my thing, even way back back then I was reserved, quiet & respectful. I just stood where I happened to find myself many times in life, backed into a corner by a bookshelf & near the piano. I lived in a neighbourhood with a lot of kids, but none, not even the wildest boys were like this group I was subjected to. It took 3 days for the lovely teacher Miss Levesque to get the yard apes contained & then school really began for me as even back then, I marched to my own drum. By the end of the second week, I actually looked forward to attending & school became the basis of my love for learning & music. Actually playing piano is still on my life to do list.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I haven’t thought about this in years.

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