To Pimp The Black Woman: On Kendrick Lamar’s Limited Black Liberation
Raquel Willis

“Sing About Me”
“Tammy’s Song”
“Keisha’s Song”
“No Make Up”

…all Kendrick songs that address, uplift, and show solidarity with the black woman.

I honestly think this piece is reaching. Did the author not consider for a moment the possibility that Kendrick is speak from his own individual perspective?? Or based on experiences that he has had or observed? In the critique of “For Free”, did he apply the approach of the woman in that song as a monolith for black women?? No, it was confined to ONE character. Are we really going to try to suggest that gold-digging women don’t exist in the world of a well-known musician, simply because it is an unpleasant characterization? Also, were To Pimp A Butterfly’s criticisms confined to black women only? NO. To the contrary; he even addresses the peer pressure dynamics of hyper-masculinity. One could even argue that the majority of criticisms he launches on the album are aimed at himself.