An Open Letter to Colin Kaepernick
Nate Boyer

Well said, Nate. It breaks my heart that Colin feels the need to not honor our National Anthem. However, first, and foremost, he has the freedom to do this, because of brave people like you. Secondly, he had something to “say”, and this is how he chose to express himself. The fact that there is a need in his life, to express himself by not showing honor to our National song, is sad to me. I have been an Emergency Room RN for more than 20 years, and have a National Certification in ER Nursing. When Freddie Gray emerged from a police van ride with a fractured spine, I can not tell you how furious and devastated I felt. Are we living in apartheid South Africa??? I did not think so. How can a man’s spine be fractured in a normal van ride to a jailhouse? So, I admire Colin for making his stand. I don’t like it, it made me sad that he felt this was necessary, but I would defend his right to do so, and would want things to change, so that he will be standing in the future.

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