Is Basic Income Basically Begrudged?
Neil Wilson


You forget the main reason why some people resent some rich people is not because they didn’t earn the money; it’s because they took a greater share, than they were morally entitled to, of money that was, in essence, really earned by someone else.

You leave out the history of how so many of the long standing rich families initially became rich: slavery, indentured workers, land acquisitions of commonly owned land, theft of other peoples’ land and resources etc. Strongly limiting any or all chances of the ability of ALL those without some form of inherited wealth – or someone to give them a helping hand – to do well for themselves.

Was it John Locke who came up with the dubious justification for land acquisition: you can own the land as long as you work it and leave enough for others; the ‘you’ of course included your servants and slaves…

Giving everyone a basic income might go some way to alleviating the wrongs of the past…

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