Sue Hern
6 min readMay 27, 2019


Modern Girl’s Guide to the Ultimate Wedding Cake

Sweet memories are made from melting moments and there’s hardly anything sweeter than a bride and groom slicing into their towering symbol of love, in the form of a cake, at their wedding. Traditionally, at least in the western world, wedding cakes have alway been white, a color chosen to emphasis virginity and purity. Also fine white sugar, used to make the icing on the cake, was very expensive, so white also showcased prosperity and the superiority of the family’s social standing.

Today, however, the trend has moved away from the almond paste, white-iced cake, in favor of more appetizing and appealing sweet treats, which the bride and groom can share among their guests with the confidence of knowing that the ‘cake’ not only depicts their personalities, but that the guests will truly enjoy the offering. Who, after all, loves almond paste or marzipan?

Over the years, all nature of cakes have been used to symbolized the wedding ceremony’s aim of coupling a bride and groom in the hopes of fertility, longevity and happiness. The origin of this symbolism began in Ancient Rome, where bread was broken over the bride’s head to augur fertility, before the rest of the bridal party were encouraged to eat a crumb. In modern times, new and often inspiring fashions have spiked wedding cake styles — from lofty art forms to simple mini cakes.

The thing is, that if it’s your wedding and you’d like to have (and eat) the perfect cake, how do you find options to consider, and how will your choices fit into your budget? So, let’s look at a few modern trends and their price tags to help you decide…

Hand painted

This spectacular artsy cake will have your guests spilling compliments (but not cake), all over you and your partner. Stunning versions abound on wedding advice blogs across the Internet. The beauty with this type of cake is that you can choose any flavor of filling or cake and keep the layering simple in order to highlight the artwork.

Cost-wise, this cake is going to set you back about $20–30 per hour for the artwork, in addition to the price of the cake layers. The final cost will depend on the intricacy of your design and the type of cake under the icing. A good estimate starts at about $200 (usually the minimum price) for two layers, without decoration.

Metallic Foil

Metallic embellishment is a fashion focus right now, so it’s appropriate that the trend has found its way to the wedding cake. Gold, silver and copper metallic foil is all the rage, the resulting cake is a towering testimony to art and will definitely be a center piece worthy of the occasion.

Expect to pay between $650 to $1300 for your ascetic indulgence

Drip cakes and the underdressed cake

For many brides, minimalism is key — the thought of too much fuss, bother and excess, is against both their budget and their taste. An underdressed drip cake, might be just the thing if these sensibilities belong to you. This style allows the inviting texture of the cake to shine through the icing( think of a cake with dusted icing), decoration is kept to the minimum, but it’s often very effective and more stunning than its overdone counterparts.

Black is the new white

If you’re an anti-traditionalists, a black cake could be the best choice, especially if you want to infuse the ceremony with a touch of Gothic flair. This bold choice will certainly make your wedding memorable and will probably be a talking point long into the future.

Edible flowers and fruit

The ultimate bohemian cake, a cake, which elicits a back-to-nature ambience, and could look charming as a focal point for an unpretentious, relaxed or informal wedding. Obviously, there are pricing advantages to choosing this type of cake, and it might even offer an opportunity for the DIY enthusiast.

Doughnuts, mini cakes, desserts and cupcakes

If you’d prefer something quirky, original and budget friendly, there are a host of ideas, all of which can be carried off with aplomb, given the right presentation. Settings for this type of option are as varied as the types of mini-cakes available. Some thoughts include pancake stacks for breakfast weddings, mini-cup cakes presented as a tiered cake, hanging doughnuts stands, mini-deserts on silver tray stacks, cake pops on a stick, hangin ‘chandelier’ mini tarts, sweets and chocolates — color-coordinated to match the wedding theme — presented in glass jars. The choice, here, is only limited by your imagination and also a good choice for a DIY project.

Savory rather than sweet

Do you hate cake? If the answer is yes, then this option is for you. Anything goes if you’re already breaking with tradition by selecting savory over sweet. Think tiered cheese rounds, sushi, savory cheese cake, salmon loaf, savory carrot cake, the possibilities are endless, and are also budget controlling.

Armed with these ideas you’re sure to be better equipped to decide on the crowning glory for your wedding, the ultimate cake.