Zadar Croatia

The Night of the Full Moon Festival Zadar 2013

The legendary Director Alfred Hitchcock visited Zadar in 1964 commenting that the sunset is more beautiful than that in Key West Florida.

Zadar, is a Dalmatian town situated on the Adriatic Coastline in Croatia. It is a gem of a place to go and see. Tourists flock to the more popular towns in the Adriatic like Dubrovnik and Split but not as many go to this place. It is situated North of Dubrovnik, and in my opinion it is just as beautiful. We were there at the Night of the Full Moon Festival in July of 2013.

The festival is held every year to celebrate trade, life, culture, and food amongst the people who live there. The festival is set up on Zadar’s promenade called Riva which is lit-up by torches and candles. The Kali fishermen set up their stands and proudly offer you some of the best catch of the day. It could be sardines, to tuna to mussels from Novigrad. Their ships are lit up to promote their stand and their voices were primed to outdo their competitors, with each claiming they have the best seafood. There is an excitement that you get walking amongst the crowds, listening to the music, and the chatter. I couldn’t help myself than think that life is perfect here, or am I being bewitched by the holiday feel and the full moon.

The Night of the Full Moon Festival takes place when the moon is full around July, August of each year. To read the rest of the story please click on the link bellow:

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Pictures taken from the tower inside the Old Town
The Five Wells Square is located inside City Walls
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