Red Alert for Black Heels

Or should say, Fire Drill for the High Heels?!

All I see are her slender legs, walking tall on her high heels, with beautiful glowing yellow skin, wrapping a black mini with a slit on its back onto them.

The sight of it is quite intriguing with a thought that this beautiful lady could be nothing less than a good professional, walking on the sleek marble flooring, carrying pure grace in every step that she takes on to proceed with her office work.

As she walks, I realise that her every footstep makes me remind of my own. Every move of the hipbone reminds me of my own seriousness to finish work on time, in that rush hour of that morning. Is that a mere coincidence? Is that an empathy that is starting to arise from within, I ask myself? Do I have anything to do with her? I am just carried away staring at her graceful walk.

Oh wait, I could see a man in a black coat, well-built working on his project work, as she walks by his cabin. Oh looks like I am in a chemical lab, there are all sort of liquids in different containers placed everywhere on different tables. This man is working on his table with his paper work, serious enough not to be disturbed by anyone around.

And I walk around the pathway, passing by the kitchen, when I see another man working on some liquid in the container which got accidentally in contact with him and within seconds of the contact, the man was viciously getting burnt alive, as if the tar that touched him was eating him away mercilessly, burning him away ruthlessly in a sought of some revenge, turning him into the same form of liquid that he was working on.

Just as the other man with his paper work rushed in for a rescue while this man was badly pleading and crying for help, with a petrified look, he could hardly understand anything that was happening around. And in that anxiousness and bewilderment, soon after he touched this burnt man’s tar, within few seconds, he also caught fire, as though that tar was acting like venom passing through his body rapidly, trying to turn him into another thick liquid of tar, flowing on the floor.

Nervous-wreck and dumb-found I stand and think nothing but to find an escape route while the lights are starting to dim and the tar is crawling and nearing towards me. Just as I try to stop my legs from trembling badly, and keep myself from losing consciousness, I see this lady, trying to save herself, trying to jump across the pathway to move out of the office door where she could see the light of the day falling across the hallway. Huh! Never did she know that her restlessness compounded with high tension and discomposure would lead to into another grave situation, when she defaulted and accidentally stepped on the edge of the flowing thick liquid. Her gleaming black glass heels now have splashes of tar stuck onto them.Oh My! Am I caught in a dreaded situation as well? Is there no escape now? Is this this the end of all?! Is my world blackening already?! Will I be burnt alive too?!

The heart is pounding heavily, sinking down at the next moment, and before I realise it, I have stopped taking any breathe now! Trying to balance myself, I try to ask, stare at something that’s not visible to me. My ears have popped out, hot blows coming out, mind is heating up, and eyes blurring out slowly, I now hear some voice coming from the beneath my heels, laughing at me in a cruel way, for my foolishness, saying “It’s your turn now. I will see your end too.”

While I try hard to take some breathe, I hear another voice, this time it’s from within. It says, “Just walk as you are.” I am obeying anything that’s coming to me now. “Don’t look down. Just walk. No matter what Dont look down.” “Walk, walk to the washroom.” Just as I walk down the pathway, I hear the tar laughing at me wickedly. As I try to distract myself from it, I reach the board with says “W/C”. “Open it and walk in carefully” the voice says. And I hurriedly rush into one of the toilets. The voice from within says again, “Dont look down. Just drop down your slacks, take out your heels right away.”

I do as you say, I speechlessly say to the voice while it is warning me, “Remember, dont look down no matter what. And do not touch it. Keep Faith. Just Be Careful.Careful” Now, I try hard to take away my stockings without looking down, but from the corner of my eyes, which are well-known to be large enough, I get a feeling that I have seen it. I focus my vision at the roof, while trying to take away my heels, trying not to touch it, but I get a feeling that I have got the glimpse of it. Or Am I just imagining it all? Did I really see it?! Now the wicked laugh is what I hear again, teasing me, merrymaking, and saying, “ You have seen it. You have seen it. You have seen me! Ha ha ha!! You are dead now.”

Gosh! No! This is not what I wanted! I don’t want to die now!..not so early! I am profoundly sweating and loosing myself out, as though the fire was about to catch, as though the tar was about to eat me. I try to get rid of the heels some how, and wash myself hurriedly with the water near the basin and rush out of the hallway, gasping for some air. When I felt that I was almost taken, I opened my eyes and saw myself on my own bed at home. It was all dark, a winter night. But, I guess, I still remember all the shivers that went through my legs a while back, or is it because of the climate? Whatever, but, I was still having the goosebumps.

Nonetheless, I still have a severe headache. Afraid to walk in my own bathroom, with a quick look at my own feet, I shrugged myself and reconciled that it was just a horrible dream. But a long stare at my bathroom door was all I could have done. After a while, I set my clothes right and pulled myself together for the good.

Couldn’t have slept again that night. All I knew is that it was bad. And something was warning me. Tell me that I have be careful. More careful than what I think I am. Sometimes, you never know how things go wrong and even a little carelessness in your walk could actually take your life away. But, you have to keep faith. Faith in yourself. Life can be changed with small incidences because of your interaction with people known and unknown to you. Every interaction has an outcome, whether good or bad. You are lucky if it’s good, or else, the only way to protect oneself is to be extra careful on your every move. You have to just keep faith. Only that can save you.


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