About Hillary’s Voice:
Beverly Wettenstein

Even the highly respected Dan Rather wondered if Hillary had shown enough “warmth”. He was on Rachael Maddow and she seemed surprised asking “do we ask if men show warmth?”

Mr. Rather apparently thought the speech was good but wasn’t a fan of the delivery. He is a liberal-minded, tolerant man and my only guess is it’s innate, unintended sexism. As far as “warmth”, much of the convention was devoted to telling her story and it epitomized kindness. Hillary was clearly influenced by her mother’s poverty as an abandoned child who has spent her life trying to help women and children. How she “sounds” or whether she “smiles” enough is irrelevant to her core, her history of activism or ability to do great things.

I was so impressed with the substance of the speech as well as the delivery — it seemed to me like she was trying to project strength, to show the American people she could be our Commander-in-Chief. She looked strong, confident and smart — I want this good woman with a million ideas as our leader. Wonderful voice and all.

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