Bernie’s latest attack is irresponsible and poisonous.
Robby Mook

I was thrilled with your interview on “ All In with Chris Hayes Mr. Mook. It has been incredibly frustrating watching the Sanders campaign “claim” they are not running a negative campaign and then implying Secretary Clinton is corrupt every night for months. And Tad Devine strains credulity when he says their ads are not negative because they “do not use Clinton’s name or image”.

I have been hoping the Clinton campaign would start hitting back harder but understood why it wasn’t done — until tonight. The interview was terrific and a bit of a boost to those of us who have been supporting the Secretary online only to be subjected to endless and viscous attacks from Sanders supporters.

And I saw a distinct change in mood on many comment boards tonight. Many were saying they have had enough of Bernie, that he has gone too far. I hope this is a turning point …

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