Thanks Susan!
Danielle Cahn

conspiracy theorists are unique in that they apply selective scrutiny not “to the left or right, but to the mainstream.” Maybe this is a stretch and maybe this isn’t a fair analysis

No it is completely fair and has been strongly reinforced after watching the Sanders phenomenon.

Discredited D-Level bloggers like pro-Sanders fanatic H.A. Goodman have gotten traction even though his posts are dishonest and easily debunked. The concern for me is that he was a given a platform on sites like the Huffington Post — it’s one thing if he blogs but another to be given exposure which lends a sense of credibility to what he writes. Unfortunately for the HP, his articles have tainted their own credibility as Goodman is now rightly being exposed.

Almost a week after California, many Sanders supporters are posting that “the state was stolen from Bernie” and link to various personal blogs as “proof”. I find it so offensive as someone who has to deal with facts in my profession.

Thanks for the Slate link and your article … I enjoyed them !