Politifact forgot a few facts, like close to 50 State and Federal Employees were not allowed to be…

I presented substantive sources but you ignored them. There is no winning with some people so the only thing left to say is … “meh”. Wait there are two more. Most discerning people understand the absurdity of investigating this longer than 9/11, the assassination of JFK and Iran Contra while wasting tens of millions of dollars on endless investigations and committees in what was an admitted political hit job. People saw Mrs. Clinton’s testimony where she was treated like a common criminal who was asked absurd questions like “were you alone all night” and then heard many like David Gergen aptly say the Congress hasn’t embarrassed itself like that since McCarthyism.

The GOP set a very dangerous precedent … not only that it failed. Most people can see through it — you can’t which is up to you but I have nothing further to say except that no I will not be checking out your “posts” : )

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