Shouldn’t you crush your competitors?

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You must have seen the stories in the papers about Amazon not treating its workforce fairly, or stealing ideas from small businesses and making millions from it. Or Walmart and McDonalds paying workers so poorly that some employees need food stamps to survive, or Trump not paying suppliers for their work. You could assume that this is just how to do business. These examples are just a few of the millions of business stories illustrating a lack of integrity, most of which will never make their way into the newspapers. How do I know there are millions? Because I’ve had…

You had better think twice before leaving your 9–5

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Dangerous advice for would-be entrepreneurs

You Don’t Have the Guts to Leave Your 9–5 So Stop Saying You Will

I saw this headline in The Startup publication’s call for stories, and it riled me. It doesn’t take guts to quit a job without having the means to provide for yourself and your family; it takes stupidity. I have seen people online bragging about how they left their job and followed their passion, and at least one of those was still living at home, had an MBA and was able to get funded by venture capitalists. When people like this encourage…

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Don’t let others do it for you.

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Claim It!

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These are the qualities I look for

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What’s the point?

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Planning for bouncing back.

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In my dream.

Sue Moseley

eLearning consultant turned blogger

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