Chip and Joanna — Why Fixer Upper is Ending

If you’re like me, you were sad to hear that Chip and Joanna Gaines have decided that the coming season of Fixer Upper will be the last. After five seasons, the HGTV show is wildly popular. The Gaines’ have expanded their brand to include home furnishings and a complex of businesses in Waco. So why would the creators of such a wildly popular show call it quits?
The one thing you can count on as an entrepreneur is change within yourself and change for your business. Have you ever had a day when you just really wanted to quit, close your business, or change things around entirely? Businesses evolve, and the people who created the business evolve, too. And that’s the case for Chip and Joanna.
 Let’s take a look:

  • They are getting older, and coming into a different stage of life.
  • Their children are getting older, and demanding different things from their parents as they grow and change.
  • The Gaines have created a huge spin-off business to the show — the whole Magnolia complex of shops, a bakery, a bed and breakfast, and a line of furniture (not to mention their growing menagerie of farm animals!)
  • They need time to focus on their spin-off businesses, which must be profitable and are in expansion mode
  • They may be tired of living with the TV crew, and perhaps want their personal life to be less in the public eye now.

Joanna Gaines is a creative, and creatives by nature will change things up and evolve.
 I love Fixer Upper and I will miss it! I wish nothing but the best for Chip and Joanna, and I admire them for how they have built an entrepreneurial empire. They have done a great job of leveraging their celebrity status.

Behind the show ending is a rebranding and a focus on brand clarity. As the Gaines have expanded their business activities they’ve watered down their message a bit. In Fixer Upper the message is “you can take a dog of a home and with work and good design turn it into a showcase home, and revitalize a neighborhood and community.”
 Their new message is “we can share with your our lifestyle and design style, and you can purchase from us what you need to give your home the look and feel of our home, cook the same cupcakes we cook, and be like us. You can have the life we have.” Because so many people admire Chip and Joanna, they want to be like them. 
Knowing what your maximum message is, and changing your business to achieve a stronger message and more brand clarity is a smart thing to do. And that’s what Chip and Joanna are doing. They are evolving their brand as their lives evolve. 
 It takes courage to evolve, but to be successful we must demonstrate that courage. Sometimes that means letting go of a good thing to allow space for a better thing to evolve.

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Sue P.