Are You Using Your Voice?

Sue Relihan
Oct 2 · 2 min read

For every person who speaks out against something that feels “wrong”, there are many who just sit quietly and never utter a word. It is sad to think of the many people who do not take advantage of their right to speak up.

In a society that favors individuality and encourages progress, those who do not attempt use their voices when they witness an injustice, can be considered just as complicit as those who are hindering others.

Courage, desire, self-motivation, and confidence are all characteristics of those who press for change when they witness an injustice.

For these people, society should have the utmost respect. Not only do they help themselves, but often they help others who do not possess the courage or ability to voice their opinions; to stand up and be counted.

In the future, it should be the hope of all that more people stop following the masses and instead, begin to become leaders. People must rise above the crowds in order to stand up and justify what they believe.

Where do you need to stand up and speak out on your own behalf, or the behalf of others?

If you’d like to discuss this or explore any of your values, emotions, and/or feelings, you are welcome to email me at or visit my website: to set up a free 30 minute compassionate conversation.

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