Most of us like to be helpful. We take food to a sick friend, we provide transportation for an appointment, we dog sit for our neighbors, we sit with someone who’s received bad/sad news and can even stop and help strangers.

Yet many of us are hesitant to ask for support when we need it. Any number of reasons may keep us from reaching out and asking or even accepting assistance. Pride, embarrassment, not wanting to be a bother, or even fear of rejection can keep us from seeking assistance, even when we really need it.

I’ve just had week of feeling that reluctance. It’s been one of those times when I’ve received bad news, needed to make some tough decisions, been unsure which direction to turn and have felt unsure of how some scenarios are going to playout. In the past I would have attempted to handle all of this on my own, not wanting to bother anyone. Thankfully, I could set my pride aside and reach out to friends that have access to the resources I need.

This has been a great opportunity for me to remember that needing help is not a weakness. It may be a challenge and feel like a risk to ask for help, but this week has given me one more opportunity to grow and learn.

Reaching out to others reveals many things about ourselves. Asking for help requires examining our own needs and accepting areas where we can’t do things alone. At times like these we are called to put aside our egos and admit that we are not totally self-sufficient.

This week has provided me with a great reminder that there is certainly no shame in needing assistance. I’ve been reminded that allowing others to help, also offers a chance for our friends to feel useful and appreciated. Like we want to be helpful, so do others.

Reaching out for assistance demonstrates to us that it’s safe to trust. It’s a great opportunity to be reminded that there is compassion in the world and that we are loved and cared for.

The next time you could use a little help in your life, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. Let someone be of service to you today; it can be a gift to them too.

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Metamorphosis Mentor and Best-selling Author of Metamorphosis - One Woman's Journey to Serenity & Empowerment.

Metamorphosis Mentor and Best-selling Author of Metamorphosis - One Woman's Journey to Serenity & Empowerment.