When was the last time to you took the opportunity to look at your belief system? Many of us claim to be “open-minded” but in truth we have just accepted someone else’s beliefs as our own.

Which leads me to a question: “Do you consider yourself a tolerant person, an accepting person, what about an embracing person?”

Realizing there is a difference between merely tolerating a belief system that is different, accepting a belief system that is different and EMBRACING a belief system that is different. Tolerance implies you don’t mind if someone believes completely differently than you do. Acceptance implies that you honor their right to believe even when it doesn’t exactly line up. Embracing a different belief system means you’re willing learn something new and allow for the possibility of even modifying your own belief system after exploring someone else’s.

What would it feel like to attempt to help the people around you understand someone or some concept that is unfamiliar to them? In some arenas it could be considered to be fairly unconventional, especially if it’s around a belief that you don’t personally hold.

What if taking just a few minutes and DISCUSSING something that feels slightly controversial, from a point of PURE CURIOUSITY. Not to sway someone to believe something new, or to dissuade them from something, but purely from “I WONDER….“

Understanding how our beliefs impact our life and the way we live it today could help us feel more comfortable with the fact that our thoughts may not be the one and only TRUTH.

Our opinions come from a combination of our own personal experiences and exposure to ideas/stories from other people. Being true to what we believe in and the expression of those thoughts means that we are living a life based on who we truly are. Especially when we’ve taken the time to explore other possibilities.

Knowing and being in a position to understand our thoughts is a vital part of we are today. It can also help us see the beauty that is unique in both us and others.

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Metamorphosis Mentor and Best-selling Author of Metamorphosis - One Woman's Journey to Serenity & Empowerment.

Metamorphosis Mentor and Best-selling Author of Metamorphosis - One Woman's Journey to Serenity & Empowerment.