Patience and Perfection

The first step toward patience is to become aware of when our self-talk is running wild and dragging us around with it.

To free ourselves from this endless and exhausting cycle, we must step back and notice what’s happening. Just quietly observing all of our thoughts in the present moment without attempting to control them.

As we practice this we begin to become aware of our ego’s internal dialog. Staying present begins to create the patience that can lead to a change in our perspective. 
 The next part is understanding and accepting that there is no such thing as reaching a point of perfection. True perfection is always evolving and at the same time stays present within us, like a blossoming flower.

What we perceive as perfect is always relative to where we are in any area of our life. 
 Take a minute and notice the things you feel you need in order to create the perfect life. Perhaps it is more money. Which happens to be one the biggest falsehoods ever perpetrated by humans. When does anyone ever have enough money? The wealthiest people in the world only want more and worry about losing what they have.

There is absolutely no peace in this way of thinking. The feeling of “I’ll be happy when…” will never bring us anything but a level of discontentment.

This applies to losing weight, having more hair, being taller, really any ego message that shows up saying we are not good enough exactly as we are in the present moment. 
 We need to let go of this ineffective idea that happiness is out there somewhere.

Self-acceptance and Self-compassion are the first steps finding true self-confidence.

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