When We Need To Make Big Decisions

There are times we are required to make challenging and/or confusing choices. It’s times like these when we need to gather as much information as we can about all of the different options. Some options may have consequences that don’t appear on the surface but can be determined when we take the time to dig a little deeper. If we are meticulous in finding as much information as we can about each alternative, we have a better chance of identifying the option that will give us the greatest sense of emotional well-being and a feeling of being pleased with the results.

It’s times like these where we need to trust our own judgement, especially if we’re not completely sure if we have all of the facts about the different alternatives. Our innate wisdom and intuitive ability are wonderful tools to use. It also helps to remember that almost any selection we make does not have to be permanent.

I remember the first time I was considering signing a long lease for my own office space. My mentor at the time sat me down and reminded me that if necessary, a lease can be broken. Up until that point I saw the situation as purely black and white — either I was stuck there for a year or not at all. There was such a gift in giving myself permission to change my mind. As it turned out, I did sign the lease and within about 5 months determined that it was an unhealthy environment and was able to break the lease.

It’s also important to give ourselves permission to make mistakes. Sometimes we do the best we can, and it just isn’t right. There’s an old saying that I don’t remember the origin of: “Just because I make a mistake, does not mean that I am a mistake”. As a recovering perfectionist, it’s a concept that has given me a great deal of peace over the years.

One of the best ways to prepare for decision making is to sit quietly and visualize a variety of different outcomes. It is imperative that we do this with an open-mind — letting go of as much fear as possible. The more thorough our contemplation, the more all-inclusive our visions of possible futures will be.

There is also value in just being in a position to make a decision. The progression that can come from the point where we identify that a decision needs to be made, the research we conduct to identify our options, and the permission we give ourselves to make a mistake, can feel rewarding in and of itself.

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Metamorphosis Mentor and Best-selling Author of Metamorphosis - One Woman's Journey to Serenity & Empowerment.

Metamorphosis Mentor and Best-selling Author of Metamorphosis - One Woman's Journey to Serenity & Empowerment.