I got my a** handed to me.

I am what you call a „seasoned runner“. I have been doing this for over a year now. Over time I got better and better, 5Ks and 10Ks respectively seemed like no problem whatsoever, even a Half Marathon (still proud of that) snuck in there. But never have I ever taken part in a real running race.

Some of my classmates, as I found out recently, were also avid runners. So, on a whim, we decided to participate in the „MEC North Vancouver Race FIVE“, each of us doing the 10K. We even placed a little wager: The three „losers“, if you will, had to pay a full-size meal for the winner at a steakhouse of his choice. And so it began.

Vancouver was a total mess in the week before the race. It rained all day long, almost the moment you stepped outside, you were soaking wet. And, of course, as dumb as I will ever be I guess, I decided to do some training runs in the pouring rain. The day before race day I woke up, feeling absolutely terrible. I have been feeling bad all week, the usual „Sniff & Cough“. But the weather took its toll. Yet I decided to try anyways, a visit to the steak house was at stake nonetheless.

{ Did I mention that it was a trail run? No? Because this is where it gets interesting. See, all my runs up to this point (more than 800 KM) have been on well paved, even streets or paths. So I had no experience of running on trails. }

I arrived earlier than everyone else at the start/finish line. I did not feel nervous at all, which is quite unusual for me because I tend to overthink a lot. One after the other, all of my mates turned up, one of them was even dressed in all-white gear. After a few short stretches, it was time to race. Shortly after the „Bang“, I realized that that Steak I talked about earlier was now gone. And after a few seconds, all of them were out of sight.

On the first kilometer (ish), the Terrain wasn’t that bad at all. Some stages were uphill, but that posed absolutely no threat. I need approximately 3 – 4 KM to find my „race pace“. And in these 3 – 4 KM, all went well. And then the Hill came.

Up to this point in the race, I was more or less on track concerning time etc. All of the sudden, the tiny path I was running on turned into a massive ascent up a hill. A bit out of breath to be fair. Just to make things worse, at the time I passed the first out of many refreshing stations, I thought it would be best to keep running, no to ruin my pace, of course.

I try to dramatize it as much as possible here (:)). At some point, I was so tired, that I thought I would pass out any second. After about an hour and 10 minutes, I finally arrived at the finish line, only to see that all of my friends were already waiting for me…

Damn, that Steak would’ve been tasty, I swear! I’m writing this Post while sitting in my favorite coffee place of all time pretty much: Blenz Coffee. (Their cappuccino ist just amazing, let me tell you!) It was quite the struggle to even get here, my legs are almost at the brink of extinction (*insert forced smile here*). To end on a good note this time, I might have one of the best nights of sleep in a long time, despite all the caffeine.

Have a very pleasant Day!