Technobiophilia is moving to another part of cyberspace

One year ago I started this website as an experiment. I’d never set up a blog before and was curious to find out how it differed from the blogs I was very familiar with. Well, 12 months on and I’ve learned a lot, most particularly that I don’t want to maintain two blogs at the same time!

My main website, has been running since 2007 and is soon to be 10 years old. It contains a large archive of posts and information about my research throughout that period. It’s been fun writing a blog which focuses only on technobiophilia, but it feels odd to keep the two apart.

So over Christmas I will be gradually migrating everything from this blog over to my main site, and repointing the domain name of over there. Nothing will be lost, and everything will be tidy, I hope!

Those of you who currently subscribe to the Technobiophilia Mailchimp list should see no difference — I plan to migrate the subscription list and merge it with the Wordpress subscription system. If that’s a problem for you, or you want to unsubscribe, please let me know.

This website will go offline some time in January, but you’ll always be able to find me via . Thanks for your interest in my work and I look forward to continuing our relationship in a slightly different area of cyberspace !

Once again — this will be my main url from January 2017

Originally published at Technobiophilia.

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