How to gain the confidence of your teenager?

It is one of the many questions we ask ourselves as parents. True?

Yes! … sometimes it is something difficult to achieve, especially in these times where everyone seems to be busy, where it is weird to sit down to talk with a child or go out to the ‘’ movies ‘’ with them, or even ask them how it was at school.

We all want to have more free time to be with family.
But when we have that time … we also dedicate it to our children?

There is no book on how to educate children, we know that; Each parent knows how to educate their children, but in terms of trust between parents and children, there are certain tips that have helped me thanks to my mother and grandmother and that I would like to share with you.

I hope it helps you anytime…

Listen to your kid, but really do it by looking at them in the eyes, as if you hear a new project for your business or when you see your favorite series, etc.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

If you recognize their tastes or their hobbies (for example the music they listen to) and do not like you, accept it and remember we all were young before and now is their moment and their experience. We all liked that singer that mom or dad hated and turned off the radio to stop listening.

Never compare them with other people, each person is a world and nobody likes to be compared with others or make them feel less important.

Always know that no matter what happens, we will be there for them, but already at their age they must recognize the good and the bad, therefore they must make intelligent decisions. (That way they will feel like adults and responsibility will already be around their mind).

Do not force them to tell us if they like someone or not, they will slowly tell us their things, as long as we do not see ourselves as ‘’ detectives ‘’ more than parents, they can entrust us many things little by little. That’s the idea.

You always have to congratulate them when they do something really good (as if they won the Novel Prize) … they will feel rewarded with our words even if they do not say so.

And when they make a mistake, like all of us human beings, right? We always have to talk about the subject, making them see their error but looking for a solution, because at the end of the road we will not build their lives, they will do it by themselves and they will need to learn from those mistakes.

In my humble opinion, the communication, respect and trust that they see in our homes, will encourage them to create a better version of themselves and help them to be more critical when making future decisions.