What about Google buy Disney?

There’s been some rumours in the last week about Apple maybe buying Disney. This is possibly related to folks talking about Apple’s cash reserve.

Why does Apple need to buy Disney? Apple already has Beats. Ok not quite the same, but it’s already something stylistic with a distinct persona. Too many of these, and Apple might start to look like a holding company. Does Apple need content? Apple makes the gorgeous devices.

What I’m surprised about is that the rumours isn’t that Google should buy Disney. This insight came to me when I opened another one of those YouTube marketing emails today, browsed to the YouTube page, and saw those buttons entreating you to subscribe to YouTube Red and YouTube TV, and watched the YouTube Red Originals promotional video.

Arguments that have been applied to Apple-Disney also apply to Google-Disney:

  • Google/YouTube needs content to monetize
  • Alphabet/Google/YouTube has a massive cash hoard
  • Disney gets a media pipe

Aside from that, Alphabet Inc self-identifies as a holding company.

Google and YouTube, you guys managed to get the real, actual Mariah Carey into a YouTube Original. Maybe, you can get Disney too.

Disclosure: The author formerly worked on the YouTube Red growth team, and was abruptly and unfairly (she believes) terminated, but the opinion in this article is unbiased. As of writing the author is long both AAPL and GOOGL.