Rethinking LinkedIn

Crafting a billion dollar idea in under ten minutes

We just had our monthly UX domain meeting, and like every other meet-up there was something fun to look forward to in this one. Post the many discussions on craft and process, we were all split into teams of two for a fun excercize to come up with a billion dollar idea for a select few social networking sites. My team received LinkedIn and this is the idea we came up with in under 10 minutes.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional networks on the Internet. It stood the test of time because it really hasn’t had any strong competition… yet!

While LinkedIn helps us portray our personal brand in the present context very well, the core problem we identified was that the network does very little to ensure and connect us to the opportunities of the future. There is an inherent reliance on the individual to build connections and explore the future possibilities leading to their dream job.

“While it does a good job in helping professionals establish their existing brand, LinkedIn fails in it’s ability to help shape the opportunities of the future”

We feel that LinkedIn, apart from being a platform to curate our personal brand, must also enable professionals to streamline their goals leading to a successful career.


  1. LinkedIn must allow professionals to set relevant goals to achieve their desired career path.
  2. It must intelligently connect the professionals to the right jobs, right people, right skills, and right groups, based on their individual goals.
  3. Finally, it should actively rank the best and most talented individuals in a clever format accessible to recruiters.


Like many of us Anna is a designer looking to make her mark in the industry. She has her dream companies, a dream role, and has a good idea of the kind of products she would like to leave her mark on.

While LinkedIn allows her create a profile, it does very little for the things that matter the most to her future.

With the redesign, LinkedIn helps Anna by allowing her to:

  • Define her career goals
  • Target her dream company actively
  • Identify the right roles within these companies
  • Identify the right people to connect with within these companies
  • Identify the right groups/conferences to be a part of

When the target company posts a suitable job offer:

  • The recruiting team actively monitors the best talent through talent management on LinkedIn
  • For every job posting the recruiting team posts, a list of potential matches is curated

A goal driven approach to LinkedIn, builds a true professional online network. One where users are actively building their personal brand through various engagement opportunities in line with their career goals. Professionals looking for new opportunities, or looking for growth opportunities within their existing organization, or changing career streams, can all have a north star with this new redesign of LinkedIn. One that helps them actively pursue the opportunities of the future leading to their dream job.


Manja Kurzak —

Suffiyan S. —

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