Practicing happiness to boost your success:

“Love is when the other person is more important than your own”.

When I was in 9th class. I was very poor in biology subject. At that time, I was thinking that I cannot pass this subject because I hate this subject. I worked very hard day and night. I made time table to passed this subject. I was totally negative thinking about that. Initially, I was thinking negative. With the passage of time, I changed thought from negative to positive.

Recently, I watched TED talk of Shawn Anchor’s. In which he says five steps:

· Gratitude

· Journaling

· Exercise

· Meditation

· Random act of kindness

He says that We can convert negative thinking into positive thinking. I implement two steps from Shawn Anchor TED talk (1) Gratitude (2) Journaling.


I say thank you to everyone. When I was helped from friends and relatives and say thanks to them. This activity change behavior. I diverted my negative perception to positive perception about others. I also took by doing random act of kindness.


When I took help from other people and write his kindness on my personal diary. I did not forget his kindness with me. This made me positive. I write diary on daily bases. I wanted to help people. Because, they help me and love me. I take benefit from this activity. I want to promote it. I want to suggest to you please implement the positive thinking in your life.