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It’s bizarre that the mainstream left has ceased to be progressive, and instead has morphed into becoming a zombified mouthpiece for the Democratic establishment.

The hypocrisy/irony of this piece is comical. First you talk with plenty of ad hominems about the looney right having no evidence for its claims, then you say “given Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election”… which itself has not a shred of compelling evidence. Double standard?

And then saying unmasking is legal — sure it is, but the person unmasked (Mike Flynn) was leaked to press, which is a federal felony. Convenient omission.

At the very least, Susan Rice flat-out lied. She said to PBS “I know nothing about this,” when asked about unmasking, which has turned out to be false.

There’s plenty to dislike about Trump. But shoddy journalism will only further validate and embolden Trump, not discredit him.

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