Important Benefits of Foundry Coke in Cupola Melting

As you might be aware, the cupola furnace is used in the foundries (factories that produce the metal castings). The device can be used towards the melting of cast iron (the iron-carbon-alloys with higher carbon content). More often, the cupola furnace may have a size varying from 1.5 feet to 13 feet. Coke is used for melting the iron in the cupola melting process/furnace, and the melted iron is collected at the base of the cupola furnace when it trickles down.

Foundry coke is a better quality coke that is necessary for the cupola melting process. This coke has low ash content, consists of a dense structure and is also quite dense. Its unique properties give it greater carbon content and the coke produces high amounts of heat per kilogram, in comparison to other kinds of coke forms.

Large size: Experts and professionals agree that the coke that is used in the process of cupola melting should be large in size. As the foundry coke is large enough (around 125 mm), and is also quite dense, while having a porosity of less than 50%, it can be optimally used towards iron melting in the cupola furnace.

Increased metal temperature: Foundry coke has higher carbon content and a better calorific value. It hence can produce more heat per kilogram and can be used towards increasing the temperature of the metal. It, therefore, provides for the better melting of iron and the process also takes lesser time. Breeze coke and some other kinds of coke have lesser size and need to be used in large amounts for attaining the required furnace temperature.

Reduction in cost: Foundry coke is denser and can produce greater heat when only used in the least of amounts. It hence proves to be economical than any other substances used in the cupola melting process. You can achieve greater efficiency in the process by using the coke as the cost of the process decreases significantly, over a long period of time.

No smoke: Foundry coke does not produce any smoke while heating. It hence causes no air pollution and can be safely used in all kinds of industrial processes and surroundings. It is also safer to handle and the employees can work without any danger of getting affected by lung diseases, and/or other kinds of respiratory diseases.

Useful in a range of industries: The low-ash content quality of the foundry coke makes it worthwhile for a range of industries and processes. Apart from foundries, it is also used in the blast furnaces, steel pants, graphite industry, chemical industry and soda-ash manufacturing processes.

Other benefits of the foundry coke include:

● Reduced pressure on the blasting furnace

● Lesser breakage of the material during its handling

● Can be used to produce a range of products (the foundry coke material is used towards producing both ductile and cast iron products).

Foundry coke maintains the carbon content of any metal product and is a good source of heat. It is also high in graphite content, porosity, strength and specific gravity and is best towards usage in the cupola melting process.

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