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Please edit this as this part reads like anybody who thinks vaccines my have health hazards also believes in racist ideologies of Ku Klux Klan either.

Beside the parallel is even more warped from a protagonist vs hero point-of-view. Climate change is in the way of a big industry (energy). Also, people questioning vaccines are also in the way of a big industry (pharma.) The climate change and vaccine critic movement are more on the same side.

By the same token an apt parallel can be rather drawn between geo-engineering:

  • untestable,
  • with side effects, that could be worse than the original cause it would like to mend,
  • not aimed to attack the root cause — i.e. us humans being stubbornly fixed to consume without boundaries.)

and vaccines

  • working with a complex system our unique body (micro version of the earth as a system) without thourough testing,
  • side effects are present yet the proponents (read the ones with immediate financial interest) and the opponents (those who may bear the negative outcomes) see the possibilities from a different standpoint or on a different level,
  • not curing the root cause — i.e. an immune system weakened by environmental factors and poor input (shitty food, also effected by the climate change, industry lobbyists and profit before value mentality.)
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