Valentine’s Day might be all about romance, but it is also a great time to show how passionate you are about him. If your arrangement is sexual, this is a fabulous time to put him in a romantic mood…

1. Plan out one of his fantasies. Ask him ahead of time so he doesn’t know it’s coming and give him a great holiday surprise!

2. Have racy phone sex when he least expects it. Make him think about you every time his phone rings!

3. Set up a Skype session for a time when he is sure to be alone, relaxed, and able to talk for a while… then surprise him with a strip tease and some mutual play.

4. Get some new lingerie and ask him to help you out of it… with his teeth!

5. Buy some edibles like whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate sauce and turn yourselves into dessert.

6. On the way home from a date, surprise him by asking he stop at a motel and have some fantasy sex on your way home.

7. Buy a couple of new sex toys for yourself and have him watch you try them out… til he can’t help but join in.

8. Use other parts of your body to bring him to climax, such as your breasts, thighs, or feet.

9. Tell him you want to see if you can get each other off without actually touching the traditional places — in other words, long and steamy foreplay.

10. Surprise him with shower sex (and maybe a waterproof toy).

11. Try some light bondage with handcuffs, scarves, or a neck tie.

12. Take pictures of yourself naked and text them to him throughout the day of your date. Start (or even finish) in the car before you get to your date.

13. Give him a sexy lap dance and finish with you on top.

14. Ask him to fulfill one of your fantasies.

15. Have sex under the stars — either camping or a secluded backyard or vacation spot.

16. Give him oral sex when he’s least expecting it — like on the way to or from a date, when he comes to pick you up, or first thing in the morning.

17. Use some oil and give him a sexy massage with a very happy ending. Or, use some oil on both of you and have some hot, slippery fun!

18. Dress up in something you would normally never wear and role play a stranger fantasy.

19. Explore the outdoors…

20. Video yourself performing a “tease” and send it to him.

Enjoy the many ways you can find some sexy fun for Valentine’s Day!