4 Handbags Every Sugar Baby Should Own

Handbags are a very important piece of a SB wardrobe. Although it would be nice to have a Kim

Kardashian handbag collection it is not very realistic for 99.9% of us.

There are are really 4 main handbags all sugarbabies (or all women for that matter) should own.


Some of you may think this bag is limited bag to own. A clutch can be carried during the

day. It can really pull together a casual outfit like jeans, heels and a tank for instance. But a clutch

is also great for any dinner date, drinks or even coffee with your SD.


This bag is a essential for sugarbabbies. You can use it for a city escape, travel, a concert/

festival or even a walk in the park with a coffee. It frees up your hands but keeps all your



The tote is an excellent bag for to and from work or college. It is also great to use as a carry

on for the airplane when you traveling with your sugar daddy. Totes hold a magnitude of things.

You will look much more pulled together using a beautiful structured tote than juggling multiple



This is my go to bag . It goes with basically anything and holds everything a sugar baby

may need, while out and about. Most shoulder bags are carried during the day but can be used

day to night as well depending on where you are going and what you are doing.

Its important to shop around and buy good quality handbags. I recommend you spend the most

you can afford on your handbags. Do your research sugarsisters. Look online, in stores and

consider your wardrobe before purchasing your handbags. Purchase good quality, classic beautiful

bags and they will last you for years to come.