Getting started as a sugar baby, the right way!

It starts with you!
 While traditionally the man does the courting, in the Sugar Bowl, you need to stand out. Sugar Daddies have many Sugar Baby options, so make sure you get noticed. Send the first message to get his attention. Be brave and show you’ve got the confidence to go after what you want. SDs are busy people, and they don’t want to sift through thousands of profiles — the ratio of Babies to Daddies means you’re one in a sea of many, don’t make him come find you.

The Profile
 It can’t be said enough that your profile is crucial. It’s the only representation of you he’ll have, and it should be accurate, a bit flirty and definitely intriguing. Talk about who you are and what you want from life, what’s important to you in a sugar arrangement at a high level (save the nitty gritty details until you’re face-to-face).

Ping… you have mail!
 The next important step in the sugar dance is how you communicate back and forth. A few messages is typical, but it’s likely you’ll want to get together in person for a chemistry check. If it’s not there, no point in continuing a conversation that won’t likely go anywhere. Don’t be shy to send a note asking to meet in person. It starts off the relationship on the note you want — with honest communication and a request for what you’re after.

First meeting
 This will be nerve-wracking undoubtedly, but you’ll either get a great vibe and want to see more of him, or you won’t. Use a healthy tactic to work out your nerves, like going for a quick run that afternoon, instead of having a few drinks before you meet. You want your intellect to be sharp, your memory on point and your wit at its best. Sip a glass of wine, for sure, but too much and you’re not going to make the best impression.

Body language & mannerisms
 It’s worth checking in with Google about body language, mirroring and mannerisms that are appealing in your culture. This will vary from country to country, but generally speaking, sitting with your arms crossed is a sign that you’re not interested. Leading slight forward towards another means you are very interested. Mirroring their body movements and the way they speak means you just might have a future. A little research goes a long way.

Know thyself
 Most importantly of all, know yourself. Think through what it is you want from a SA and how best to express it. Practice saying aloud the things that are important for you, so it will feel more natural when you’re with a Sugar Daddy. Do a mental inventory of your history, your stories, what helps to explain who you are and what you want to share with someone. Being sure of yourself and knowing who you are will go a long way to keeping the conversation flowing and getting what you want from the Sugaring lifestyle.