Gifts for the Sugar Daddy Who Has it All

Holiday gifting can be stressful, especially when trying to buy for someone who has it all! What do you get for the hard to buy for SD in your life? Here are some ideas to surprise him this holiday season!

What does he like?

The easiest way to get a gift he will love is to make sure you know WHAT he loves. A great set of golf clubs is only great if he actually likes to golf! Think about what he likes to do or is interested in and then put on your sexiest detective hat. Think outside the box and wow him! The internet and sites like are great places to shop for items he has probably not found (or even thought of for himself). These are companies that tend to be smaller, handmade, or off the beaten path. Even if your Sugar Daddy is the traditional sort, there are many great artisan products you can gift him that will appeal to his class and status.


Some men really appreciate fine jewelry or watches and some don’t at all. A watch can be a great gift if he is someone who is attentive to his appearance and accessorizes his wardrobe at work or at home. Depending on his interests, a watch can be a very personal gift. You can have it engraved, pick one made of a metal that suits him, or if he is an earthier kind of guy, makes amazing wooden watches. These can be engraved and made out of many types of wood or leather.

Bath Products

While many beauty and personal care products are marketed toward women, that doesn’t mean that men don’t also appreciate pampering or wearing a scent they know you picked out. There are some great small companies that make artisan bath and body products for men that make the days of shopping at a department store counter seem long forgotten. Pamper him with something special, and then use it with him!


A good wallet is always a great gift. An artisan wallet that touts quality and fine design is even better. Make sure to choose something as functional as it is beautiful, as a wallet serves a purpose and will be quickly cast aside if it doesn’t fit a pocket or have enough room for cards and cash. Check out these shops for some versatile and classy choices: TAGSMITH and ValePLondonLeather.

If your SD is really hard to buy for, consider giving him the gift of an experience, like a massage at a spa or guitar lessons, or a well-planned romantic date night out. Whatever you gift him, make it authentically you and personal. He can buy what he likes, but knowing you put thought and effort into his gift is sure to make him feel good.