How college students can cover costs and tuition as a Sugar Baby

So you’re in college and living like a student… a lot of inexpensive meals and not a whole lot of social life. And you’re wondering about this Sugar Baby thing and if it might be a good option for you. Here’s a few things to consider:

  1. Are you a smart, fun, confident woman?

Chances are you are smart — hey, you’re in college! And I’m betting that you’re fun and confident if you’re even taking the time to read this. So far, so good.

  1. Are you interested in sharing some of your time with a companion?

Again, I’m betting that you are, or else this idea would not have popped into your head. You’re two for two.

  1. Do you have some financial needs that could use a top-up?

Well, you’re a student, so you have tuition, books and fees, not to mention rent, bills and the list continues. It’s likely that you’ve either incurred some debt to go to school or you’re eating through your nest egg pretty quickly.

  1. Do you want an honest and open relationship where expectations are discussed and agreed to up front?

Now we’re getting down to business, as this is where the Sugar Bowl steps in. Most of us immediately think, “Of course! Honesty is great and communication is important!” But in a sugaring situation, it’s critical. It can be tough to be so honest and forthright and ask for what you need. But if you connect with a Sugar Daddy who wants to know what you need, and wants nothing more than to give it to you, it’s magical.

  1. How does it work?

Well you are embarking on the first step, which is learning about what a Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship (often known as an “arrangement”) looks like. It’s simply an established man who has extra resources to share, who wants to spend time with a beautiful, fun, smart, confident woman. After reviewing each other’s profiles and getting in touch, you meet to see if there’s any chemistry. If there is, it’s date number two and you slowly slide towards a conversation to see what you’re both looking for.

  1. But how do I ask.. for tuition?

It might seem a little daunting to think of straight up asking for a monthly allowance to cover your expenses, but that’s a normal request. There are different types of Sugar Daddies — some who simply want to buy you gifts, and others who are totally open to providing monthly allowances to cover tuition or other living expenses. It’s all part of the conversation. Share in your profile that you’re in college and college life is expensive. This will give him the first hint of what you’re looking for. Talk with him openly about what you need, and he’ll do the same. If you’re a match, then off to the races!

  1. What if… he says no?

Well then he’s not meant for you. Just as you would be, he’s perfectly in his right to decline an arrangement term. If it’s not the right SD for you, keep looking.. there are a lot of options out there!