Make Your Valentine’s Day EXTRA Sweet

Most women expect to be romanced on Valentine’s Day, and as a Sugar Baby you should definitely expect to be treated like the sweetheart you are, but how do you show your Sugar Daddy that you are just as sweet on him? Buying gifts for guys is hard, especially those who have everything. This Valentine’s Day, show him how much you appreciate him by giving him the goods all men crave.

Be Loving

Okay, okay — it’s not technically a gift and you can’t buy it in a store, but being loving, kind, and supportive of him is worth more than anything you can purchase. People like to think men have a one track mind, but they need support too! If you talk to men about why they leave relationships, it is often because they don’t feel appreciated, loved, and seen anymore. The same goes for an arrangement. Your SD isn’t there to just appreciate you. It should be a mutually enjoyable relationship with someone you have great chemistry with. Remind him what he means to you this Valentine’s Day.

Pamper Him

Men are much less likely to pamper themselves, even if they can afford it. There are very few, however, who would say no to a hot oil back massage, scalp massage, or foot rub. Make it romantic: turn down the lights, get out some candles, play relaxing music, and let him feel like the special, pampered one for the evening. Men love to be taken care of AND crave physical affection. A massage is the best of both!

Write It Down

Write a sweet note and let him know how much you love having him in your life and how thankful you are to be his SB.

Get Something Special

If you’re in the position to be able to get him a gift, choose something he may have mentioned in passing he really loves or wishes he had. Women tend to drop more hints, but men are usually very open about their likes and dislikes. Pay attention! Try to stay away from things he could easily buy himself, like standard electronics, and instead brainstorm things that he would like that are more personal, but that would he probably never think to get on his own.

Be the Romance

If you want a romantic Valentine’s Day with him, bring the romance to him! Ask him to plan something special for the evening or to plan it together. Afterward, surprise him with new lingerie and an evening of one on one time…

Most of all, enjoy your holiday with your Daddy! Valentine’s might seem like a Hallmark Holiday, but for people dating in the Sugar Bowl it can be a very special day- it’s always more fun to spend a romantic holiday with someone you KNOW won’t disappoint or forget! Make sure you do the same!