What do you need to pack when going on a ski vacation with your Sugar Daddy? Lots! A trip like this can be a great opportunity for a shopping date with your SD. Let him know you want to be prepared for the trip and would love his input — men love being experts, and the more prepared you are for your trip, the less stressed you both will be, making more room for romance. Here are five essentials to pack for your getaway!

Warm Winter Clothing
A tiny bikini is hot, but pretty impractical outside of the hot tub on a trip like this. You want to look cute, but prepared for the weather. Frostbite is not sexy. Think ski bunny: fur collared puffer coat or fitted parka over a cute sweater, skinny jeans, flares, or leggings, and fur lined booties or an over the knee boot. If you want to add some height, be practical and go for a chunky heel or wedge as stilettos are a disaster in ice and snow.

Ski Gear
This may take some extra searching so you may want to browse online with your Daddy or look together at a specialty shop. Choose either a cute ski jacket and pant combo or one piece jumper for your outerwear. You want something attractive, but functional. Waterproof and windproof are musts. Underneath, layer long underwear (believe it or not, they DO make cute long underwear sets!), a turtleneck, a warm sweater, pants you can move well in, and thick ski socks. Make sure you don’t forget accessories such as ski mitts, toque, scarf, hat, or other items you find that will keep you warm and add a little personal flair to your outerwear. Again, you are looking for Ski Sugar, not “ice fisherman”.

Lounge Clothes
One of the best parts of a ski vacay is warming up by the fire or getting drinks at the lodge. Lazy afternoons recovering from a long day on the slopes require absolute comfort, but with style. Pack extra leggings, soft sweaters or a long cardi, and knee high socks or leg warmers. Lounge clothes may seem less than sexy, but done right can make you a cozy, appealing companion to have by the fire.

Evening Attire
Even though most of your bag is likely comprised of sweaters and socks, be sure you remember to bring a few options for your nights out. Bring a couple of little black dresses, or wow him in red. Don’t forget your accessories and heels, and a cute clutch to tie it all together.

Of course, no vacay is complete without seriously hot lingerie. Pack something new to excite him every night, or even get naughty with some role play lingerie or new toys. This is a perfect time for Santa’s Sugar to be a very bad girl.

Plan before you pack and take a fun shopping trip with your Daddy for essentials and make this is a getaway he won’t forget.