Thanksgiving Sports Guide — Quick Hits for Sugar Babies

As Thanksgiving approaches, Sugar Babies may be looking forward to parties, long weekends, new holiday clothes and spending time with friends, family, and Sugar Daddies. Sugar Daddies may be looking forward to food and catching the big games. Here are some tips for this season to help bridge the interest or knowledge gap (unless you are a sport enthusiast yourself, of course).


American football is arguably the biggest sports attraction ON Thanksgiving Day. It usually starts around noon and the games go well into the night. Even if your SD’s favorite team isn’t playing, T-Day football is as much a tradition as pumpkin pie for many men. NFL Thanksgiving Schedule has the line-up.

Do you have trouble following football or little interest? If you want to brush up on some basics for game day, NFL Wife has some great short videos on YouTube. Start with this one NFL Wife Video One and go from there!


T-Day hockey is not as popular of a tradition, but don’t say that around hockey fans! Since 2011 there has been a bigger push to include hockey in the Thanksgiving tradition on a wider level. This year there are a few games playing on Thanksgiving evening and many more on Friday. That schedule can be found here: NHL Thanksgiving Weekend Schedule. NBC has an annual Thanksgiving Showdown, this year between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins on Black Friday at 1 pm CST. If you don’t know much about hockey, this is a great guide for watching hockey as a beginner Watching Hockey as a Beginner.

Marathons, Triathlons, and Races

While not broadcast on a national level, many cities have Thanksgiving events for runners and triathletes. Check your local (or SD’s local) news for any fun runs, marathons, or triathlons if he is interested in those. If both of you are more interested in fitness than gravy and stuffing, you may even enjoy running in a Turkey Trot or local event together!

Now it probably doesn’t need to be said, but many men like quiet during the big plays and celebrate loudly when their team scores. If you’re a sports fan and can cheer along, that’s great, but if not, just don’t walk in front of the TV or ask a lot of questions when the game’s on. If you’re attentive to his interests, it will no doubt pay off for you!