Traveling with your Sugar Daddy/etiquette when travelling on an arrangement

Traveling with your SD can be an extremely fun and exciting experience, but there are a few ways you can maximize your time.

What to pack
 The first thing you need to consider is your wardrobe for the trip. Do a little online research so you know the average temperatures and rainfall of the places you’re going. Ensure you have layers that can easily be mix-and-matched so you can look great at all times, no matter what activities you have planned.

Always have swimsuit. Make sure to bring at least one pair of flats in case there’s some walking. Have an outer layer like a wrap that you can throw in your bag in case you get caught up past sundown and it gets chilly. Being prepared for your travels will show your SD that you are ready for anything and can take care of yourself — very attractive!

Your bags
 The next thing to consider is how you’re going to travel. SDs notoriously dislike high maintenance traveling companions. In fact, if you can get away with a weekend duffle and don’t have to check it, even better. Expensive, difficult to manage luggage or too many bags is a huge turn-off. Unless you’re going for more than a week, the smaller the bag, the better! A large purse for a carry-on will also do wonders for your travels. It should be light enough to carry around all day, but sturdy enough to put down on the ground in a pinch without toppling over.

 Too much jewelry often causes too much attention in places you’d rather be inconspicuous. Choose simple, elegant pieces and stick with them for the entire trip. Chic sunglasses are also a must! And don’t forget travel essentials like sunblock, an eye shade and earplugs. Leave the neck pillow at home, it’s not a good look.

Airports, security & check-points
 Make sure you have all your documents updated (some countries won’t allow you access if your passport expires within the coming six months). If you can, get your Global Entry or TSA Pre-check status so you don’t have to wait, you can bet your traveling Sugar Daddy has his.

Sleeping arrangements..are up to you
 Some SBs ask for their own room when traveling, some are fine on a separate bed in a shared room and some are fine in a shared bed. Don’t assume anything, and make it part of your honest discussions about your plans. Mixed expectations make for lousy trips. Clear it up before you go.

Enjoy the journey
 Traveling is fun, but it can be stressful. Resist all temptation to get heated if things go off-track. Part of the fun is the adventure of getting there. Be prepared, get yourself an iced coffee to chill out, and support your SD in the traveling process as much as you can by keeping things light and having a smile on your face — you won’t regret it, and you’ll likely get extra pampered because of it!