Do something fun:

I’d like to think I do fun things everyday, but to now do something unplanned all of a sudden seemed very daunting, but we must carry on! On Thursday my Sorority Sister asked if I wanted to go shopping with her on Friday, and to be honest, I consider shopping a form of exercise for me, (No really think about it! All that walking, especially around MOA and then carrying all those bags!) but also very fun. So this was perfect. We discovered that Jamie Lee Curtis was there, and my sister identified her as “the mom from Freaky Friday”. We then ran into another one of our sisters also taking a snapchat of JLC.

I have a job at Lush, so of course we all went there first, and my Sister Hafsa was looking to buy a bath bomb, which was very exciting because I had just been hired last week, and while I haven’t been trained yet, I immediately went into “let me help you!” mode. I almost did a hand demo on one of them, which I don’t think I’m officially allowed to do yet.

We proceeded to go to the tea shop next door, and me being the tea enthusiast I am had to smell a BUNCH of them. In my defense I did buy two of them, so it was worth it. (Pumpkin Matcha and Coco Colada in case you were wondering) I got really excited and was really excited to brew myself a cup of tea.

Moving onto the reason we were there in the first place: outfit shopping for my sister. I love her dearly, and she has a fashion sense, but she asked me to come with her for a reason, so apparently my sage advice was needed.

Let me also add now that I hate dressing rooms. Bad lighting, usually cheap mirrors or at least not lit well, and a small space where I’m very well aware of my “imperfect body”. So I do my best to wear clothing that allows me to try something on without needing a dressing room; ie a tank top, and shorts. Therefore, I’m usually able to simply slip something I want to try on over my clothes. You’re welcome for the new life hack. :)

Over all the trip to the mall was a success, and the night ended with Cinnabon, so of course I left a happy girl, who had made more memories with someone I love.

Mind Map

Similarly to the digital version I changed colors the further out I went

Mind Map (digitization)

Paper to digital mind mapping, I do prefer the flow of ideas that physically writing did provide me.

Suggested Themes:

Focusing on one topic for a long period of time has always been a problem for me, so throughout the rest of this class, the idea of picking three things to solely focus on is quite difficult. However, as I was making my mind map, which I feel isn’t all too creative right now, I knew which branches I was excited to write down or resonated with me.

Nurses: My mom is a nurse, and has her own health problems, so I’ve seen the daily struggle she’s had. I really want to see if there’s anything I can come up with that would make her life a little bit easier. I think she’d really appreciate it and I feel like nurses are very much under appreciated. Her going to work every day is why I’m able to go to school and get this education, and I can’t even begin to understand how difficult it is for her.

Yoga/Meditation: I’m a yogi, I’m proud of it, and since I started college I’ve very much missed it. The fundamental concepts of Yoga and Meditation are so similar that I feel like they go hand in hand, which is why I listed both. As a form of stress relief and fitness for myself this is something I think can be built upon for a better, more personal, spiritual journey.

Proper Sleeping Habits: Sleep is important, we all know this. I’ve gone through my fair share of sleeping rituals and struggles, and as someone who suffers from nightmares and has family that have night terrors it’s really important to me personally that not only I but people around me have satisfying sleep. I love naps, they are a form of stress relief for me, but it makes it worse when I can’t get to sleep, so I want to target some of the small things to make such an important thing better.

10 Silly Ideas:

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