My General Ideas

I’ve been trying to keep developing the reminder tree as well as magnetic shoes because they’re two ideas that I feel are plausible as well as helpful.

New Warm-Up Game

I came up with a game I called ABD — It’s a word association game where you get rid of 1–5 letters in the alphabet, and as you go through words that start in alphabetical order you skip those letters, in big groups if you say a word with that letter you’re out, but

I did have a group of 4 other people, but one had to leave early


Molly: Molly is one of the experts I interviewed a few weeks ago, she’s a physical therapist at the Muscular Dystrophy center here at the U. She leads a very active lifestyle and works closely with her patients.

Fatima: Is my Big from my sorority, she graduated last year but is still taking classes. She did her undergrad in Child Psychology and has taken several biology classes.

Tuan: Tuan is and Asian-American that I know through the Greek Community. He’s a Math Major and product design minor. He took this class last semester but his topic was very different so he had a different approach either way.

Kate: I know Kate from back home in California, her studies are science focused, but I’ve seen her artistic side. She’s Korean, and like me, is combatting the cold for her education.

We had our session in Lind hall, there were 2 white boards and I played music until we started. The tables were round and good for communicating to each other, it was gloomy day though and I feel like the mood was a bit dampened by that. We played word ball and ABD, which got them on their feet for a bit. There was a total of 51 ideas over a 50 minute session, which was about 1IPM

Sorting and Voting

I was on a time crunch since all of the people who came out were on tight schedules, so I started with them voting for which 3 ideas they thought were the most interesting and I sorted them afterward.

The groups were:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Mobility
  • Reminding devices
  • Recreation
  • Wearables
  • Sleeping and comfort aids
  • Everyday actions/tasks

Documentation Top Ideas

This was one of my general ideas, I think I’ll try to develop this throughout the semester if I can