Ad space on boda boda!?…why not?

The boda boda industry began as a service ferrying people across the Kenya Uganda border and over short distances, using motorbikes.Thats the origin of the name “ boda boda”

With time, the popularity grew tremendously and it is now a household name in East Africa.Boda boda operators are everywhere, from the remote rural areas to the urban places.With this in mind, using boda boda operators to advertise doesn’t seem so farfetched anymore, does it?They would wear reflective vests that advertise a product or a service, In turn, they will get daily remuneration. An operator makes approximately ksh300–400, daily, so increasing their income by say ksh 200 per day will be a welcome prospect.

This is the same concept used by Trushar Khetia of Tria group, only difference is that his company advertises on buses and lorries.Read more on Trushar and how he built his empire here

Boda boda advertising can bring a whole new dimension to marketing, opening doors to reach people in rural areas that aren’t reached by conventional advertising.