Day 3 so far has been the most challenging for me. I had no problems with the andelabs challenges, what really gave me a headache was the http and web challenge. We were asked to write a ‘simple’ commandline application that consumes a public api using an http client library.

‘Simple’ is the keyword here, I say this because it is relative. What’s simple for person A could be akin to rocket science for person B, I was B. In all my coding practice i had never attempted such a task.

I had to do alot of study and research before beginning to write my code. In the end i was able to write a simple application that makes a simple GET request to the pokemon API and returns the status code. Here’s a useful link to a list of useful APIs that are beginner friendly.

The only way to know that you’re making progress and becoming better at something is by overcoming challenges. I accepted challenges when I first started to learn software development and will keep on challenging myself to be better and so i say this to Andela, thanks for the challenges and keep them coming.


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