With the rapid urbanisation that has hit Nairobi and other metropolitan cities in kenya, came lifestyle diseases.We’re seeing more kids being overweight, complications of the heart are on the rise, people having to pay for two seats in a bus because they cant fit in one :-), why is this? You ask.Well it is due to a number of reasons but one of them is lifestyle.

How you go about your day to day activities has a significant effect on your health, in terms of lifestyle complications.

One of the most deadly lifestyle diseases is diabetes. Although it can be managed, it seems to be killing more and more people everyday, even children. Now as I said in one of my earlier posts, I like brainstorming for solutions. Im aware that diabetics do not take sugar, or atleast they try controlling their daily sugar intake, im also aware that honey is sweet, and has zero sugar.By now you should have an idea about where im headed with this…..

I got to thinking, why not package honey in sachets, the way tomato sauce is packaged, then sell it to hotels so people can use it with their tea or coffee. Offcourse im only talking about diabetics or people who would like to live healthier.Im optimistic that this could work.

Honey is a really good alternative to sugar and can be used by people of all ages, it even has medicinal value.So next time you order tea or coffee at a hotel, try imagining how much better and healthier it would be with honey….


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