Top 50 Smartphone accessories

Smartphones are part of us.Smartphones are our daily routine from checking to carry every second of our day. We have problem with our smartphones and find solution in accessories.I found out that more accessories made for smartphones in last 3 years in last 10 years. So I make a list of Top 50 smartphone accessories that we use and need every single day.

So from every list of accessories I made I will add top 5 in the category. So please enjoy in this list and think that we need this accessories even if we don’t like them.

Number 1: Charger and power adapters

Number 2: Headphones

Number 3: Screen Protectors

Number 4:Car Accessories

Number 5: Selfie Sticks & Tripods

So after i finish this post i think that without this things I always will be having problem with my phone. I’m in a car a lot of days of the week and with out car accessories i can’t function because i depend on my Smartphone.So thank you if you read my post and like it.So follow me if you want more this TOP 5 or TOP 10 list’s and reviews.

I have one more accessories that is now very common in our life with our smartphone.I will post just one because it’s too much accessories put in this blog.Here is my favorite Smartphone accessorie.