Who Runs the Internet Show?

The Internet, just like any other medium, is the greatest and latest mass media mankind has ever seen.

It’s not like Television where a video is aired within a limited time… It’s not like radio where a host broadcasts news in the studio from afar to educate or entertain… It’s not like a newspaper where the editor fills the pages with news-related content and ads for readers’ consumption…

The Internet is all-encompassing. It’s the nest of all the education, information, and entertainment shows… it’s a conglomerate of mass media.

While it’s the newest means of information in our world today, the Internet is yet the cheapest means of communication. Because it has no control over what should be posted and what shouldn’t, tons of information in form of video, audio, text, infographics, eBooks, and instant messages among others, are posted every second.

And content — in form of text, social media post, audio transcript, white papers — is the backbone of every affair on the Internet.

How Content Fuels the Internet

Picture a website, a Facebook page, or your favorite blog without content. Would you go online again knowing that there is no content for your consumption?

I doubt you would. Clicking on sites that have no content is like visiting a hospital that has no doctors. The Internet is like a general hospital. It’s fully equipped with valuable information (doctors).

And as it happens, the information on the medium is in words.

If there is anything that drives us online it’s information, without which the Internet will not survive. We visit our favorite sites to seek for information, read news, and update our social media pages. For every piece of information to be relayed online, it has to be conveyed in form of content of some kind.

The premier global media company, AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL), in collaboration with Jakob Neilsen, the web usability consultant, conducted a study recently. In their report, they revealed that content is the foundational element of all the online activities. Internet users, the study reported, “shared twenty-seven million pieces of content every day…” And “more than 53% of time spent on the Internet is directly attributed to content consumption…”

Whether you go online for pleasure or business, your action in one way or another is attributed with content. Without words on web pages, surely, you’ll not waste your time buying gadgets and computers, subscribing to the Internet data, and visiting empty web pages…

You go online because of content.

Who Creates the Content?

While there is much software that spin and re-write content today, still, there is no effective content creation machine that beats the human writers.

Every piece of content on the Internet — from white papers to SEO to social media updates for share — is a handiwork of writers. Whether you’re selling products or delivering services online, you need to inform your customers and prospectives about your product, promote your brand, and generate more traffic to your business.

Therefore, it’s essential to hire a professional writer to grow your business. With the recent Google Panda and Penguin update, it’s very risky for a business owner to pay $2 or $3 for a low-quality web content article, and expect his site to rank atop the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The days of spammy content are over. Google detects low-quality posts, and slaps sites that run such posts.

To grow your business and rank higher on a search engine, you need to create high-quality content that Google loves (if you can craft one) or pay good money to content creator to write one for you.

Huge Opportunities for Writers

Since many businesses are online, the demand for writers will certainly increase.

From becoming a freelance writer — writing for clients from a different part of the globe to writing for publishing houses in your community — there are many markets for writers. Aside from limiting yourself to being an independent contractor on bidding sites, you can:

· Start blogging (and build a digital media production company)

· Own a publishing house (become author and enjoy the Kindle digital goods)

· Build consulting firm (teaching online training and courses)

· Start agency services

Whether you’re employed or jobless, you can start your writing business as a part or a full-time job. The good news is anyone can run the writing business right away, notwithstanding with their location. You can be a Nigerian and still run your online writing business from your room… and succeed.

The 21st Century era is driven by technology, and Internet is the most effective technological innovation in history. Whether you’re a corporation, an institution, or a small business owner, you need traffic, leads, and customers to grow your business. Content fulfill your goals… achieve your dreams — it’s the king in the online kingdom.

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