deconstruct these love myths

as passionate as a romantic as I may seem, I have got the love equation wrong a serious sum amount of times (there is no equation)-

riding along that sunset- in the belief that Prince Charming is around the corner (there is no Prince Charming)

I have watched too much of Romeo and Juliet to believe that the things I think may not be true. They are not true is the catch.

And the sooner I realised that- the sooner I was able to take a long break from jokes- yes I call them jokes because I play too much.

I said to myself- no more silly phone calls at 4 am or talking about going to Monte Carlo one day at 6 am over cheese and bread spread-eagled legs everywhere.

I said no more trynna control everything and demanding by the strike of midnight- thee must confess that thee has great and amorous feelings for me! Oh damned. I took a break. I said

'Oh I probably don't know myself too well that is why I fall every time.'

So I did. And I'm not done yet.

And it's fun.

You watch ten thousand tv shows- love them then hate them and stop watching them.
You touch their hands without pretending to feel a tingle down your spine and you

don't think about it that much again. Or never.

You also appreciate that you've got pretty eyes and nothing else.

And you enjoy- yourself, your company.
You worry about yourself. You take care of yourself like a baby

Like a baby baby
and you laugh
and you text so many people

And you don't feel things

And you sleep- waking up at 11 am
And jog

At 2pm

Then go for lunch with friends at 4pm

And you start a new course online.

And it's just you and your space.


Your space.

It's you.

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