when did we lose our way?

every story, is a reminder. of the forgotten. isn’t it.

the hashtag-world heard of Ferguson, a town in Missouri. and thumbed-up. disturbances on ground are experienced by the few. felt by the many.
where in the world they may be.

humanity comes to life, with every disaster.
natural or made. Fergusoners found one of their first responders, from Palestine.

but. racism, is widespread. everywhere.
within Palestine. and all around.

our world (beyond geographical spread),
better known as the hub for conflicts and disasters. where world’s most displaced, lost-generations
are in the making.

is perhaps one of the largest hubs, for racism too.

in my lifetime, and yours. we witness (perhaps contribute) to weakening the (islamic) nation.
an entrusted responsibility.

in the noble book, we are told we are the best of nations, raised for mankind. [read Al-Imraan 102–109]

from the last sermon of our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings upon him), we learn there’s no preference for arabs over non-arabs, non-arabs over arabs. that there’s no preference for white over black, black over white. except, through righteousness.

and yet. a millennia and almost a half there. we’ve lost and continue to lose our cohesion and strength. we continue to divide and spread the divide.

whether accidental or by design.

Hajj is upon us.
a once-in-a-lifetime,
journey of spirituality.

the ‘best of nations’ will come
from the east, west, north and south.
black, white, yellow and red.

they’ll come together on the 9th day at Mount Arafat. the very place where humanity will be brought together for the day of judgement,
by the Lord of the worlds.

have you wondered? i have.
when did the divide spread to Arafat?

the nation comes together. rich and poor, dressed as one. united in voice, reading the talbiya.
only. divided into national corners.

we were the best of nations, guided out of ignorance. is our ignorance to the message of our Creator
and teachings of our Prophet, taking us back
into the darkness, we once guided humanity out of?

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