I am you but I am not.

I am same like you but I am not. I wish I could be like you but I can’t. I have seen life as you have not. Still I try to live like as you are my part.

Our life differs from each one of the individual on this planet. We have our own stories which are unique in its own. We have our own strengths, our weaknesses which differs us from the rest. But still we try to copy each other to make our lives better. We behave like them , talk like them ,wear like them until the point that we forget who we are.

Fake it until you make it.

We have been listening this quote from ages for better. There maybe people who can do it by faking it but did they even realise what they lost during it. Did they lost their personality or their mojo while doing it.

These are the questions which hinder me the most while thinking of a change while following the other person’s life. Life is short for living some others life. Change for better is always good for everyone but doing it by faking it is not my style.

I will change in my own way. I will find my own path in my own way. I am capable of it in my own way. I will show world I can do it in my own way because I am me & I don’t need you to be me.

There may be problems and obstacles when you do it in your own way but at the end believe me it will be far better than following any others life style. No body knows you as better as you do. Move slowly but move, change slowly but change. ( to be continued…..)