What Type Are You!?

Sometimes I wonder what type of a person I am! I belong to which category of people!? Though I myself don’t know the line of separation!
Still, many a times I think about who am I. Well, I think everybody does. But I am fairly sure that most of us do not know who we are, what we are capable of, what is our aim, our motivation, our responsibilities etc etc.
Many might know who they are, they might be on their paths to their goals, dreams, many might be satisfied with the way everything is going on in their life.
I am one of those who definitely is unaware of herself. I don’t know which direction is for me.
I don’t know if the path I am on, is for me or not. I haven’t discovered any goals yet. I am an ambition-less person who doesn’t even know how to spend a single day.
I get carried away watching people following their dreams, travelling places, doing something that counts but I am still lost.
Sometimes this feeling suffocates me, and I know I am surely not the only person on this planet who is like that.

I am the type of person who chooses black over every other colors out there,“Chocos” over “Cornflakes”, basic icecream flavors over Sundaes, who loves to know people and sometimes I am the type who cant even stand anyone, who reads and follow bold articles about anything but then I am the type who is still not very comfortable to show how bold i can be, who thinks too much but then I am that type too who becomes Blank for a long while.
I am the type of person who wants to run away from everything but I am the type of person who can’t let go off things.

I am this type or that. I have no clue. 
In my mind, I support feminism, I support equality, I support all those boldness by people, especially women nowadays, but only in my head!
I still feel a little uncomfortable posting such bold articles for example, the very famous #freethenipples not mainly because I am shy but because I care too much sometimes about how people are going to judge me.

But sometimes I don’t care at all about expressing what I feel is right!

I always wanted to become someone who understands everybody, who do every analysis based on every aspect and every point of view, I always wanted to be the one who thinks ideally right. But what is actually called “Right”.
For example, I think Alcohol consumption or smoking is not right, they are “bad” for health or loosing my virginity before I am ready to take that pain or before I am sure I want to spend my entire life with that one person to whom i am loosing it is not right for me. But for many, it is completely fine, people have different opinions. They are not wrong , we are just different.
There is no right or wrong, it is just a matter of everybody’s own perception. I can’t relate to everybody, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong.
What I have figured out is ..Sometimes you become so obsessed with the idea of becoming someone you are actually not, that you loose yourself. I lost myself doing that.

Look I am still alive! I am just lost! I’ll find a way back to myself, my capabilities, my weaknesses, my strengths, my strong and own perceptions.

I should probably stop telling myself to do this and that & should stop judging myself at times when I do!
I should start Living as an Explorer rather than someone who is of Type A or B or C!

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