Weather Wear:

In Winter of 2015, I designed a weather app with a team for my Human-Computer Interaction Design class. Formally dubbed as Weather Wear, its purpose is to recommend clothing based on the amount of time the user would be out. The whole process, as it turns out, was not easy!

I was in a group of 3 with all varying skillsets. Clara was the lead artist, providing her drawing talents to put our dreams on paper. Aaron was the lead engineer, making our app live and functioning. And I was the director, coming up with the initial idea, keeping teammates accountable, and reiterating our app with key decisions that would eventually be our final project.

The first part was the story board. It was at this point that we needed to come up with the premise and the event that our app will be used. I worked closely with Clara on this part.

User leaves the house thinking it’ll be warm, but ends up coming home freezing.
User uses the app and finds himself conveniently dressed for the day.

With our storyboards all set, we took the next step to design the prototype. I worked with both Aaron and Clara to make sure our app was simply and pretty.

With our paper prototypes ready, I assisted Aaron in creating the app. We couldn’t fit every feature from our paper version due to our limited coding skills, but we hit enough milestones. Our next step was user testing!

Tested on multiple people and platforms!

We got an immense amount of helpful feedback. Ultimately, this was key for us to reflect on, and thus I collaborated with my team to come up with a re-design of our app.

With all our ideas nicely organized, we worked vigorously to come up with the final iteration of our app. In the end, we got the final version:

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